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One of the best beaches in the world is on our doorstep in the Algarve. Known for its endless stretch of sand and great cliffs, it is impossible to forget Falésia beach.

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Praia da Falésia was selected by the "Travelers Choice Awards 2023" on the TripAdvisor portal as one of the best beaches in the world. This year, along with other paradise beaches in Brazil, Caribbean, Australia, Iceland, among others, Portugal comes up as a fantastic beach destination.

Praia da Falésia, in Olhos de Água, in the municipality of Albufeira, was once again listed as one of the best beaches in the world, this time in sixth place in TripAdvisor's list, in the Top 10 ranking, where two more beaches in Europe score, such as Reynisfjara, in Iceland, which comes in fourth place, and Spiaggia dei Conegli, in Italy, in eighth place.

This year, among the list of the 25 best beaches in the world, Praia da Falésia came only behind Brazil, Aruba, in the Caribbean, Australia, Iceland and a beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands, also in the Caribbean.

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Following this award, the Mayor of Albufeira, José Carlos Rolo, highlighted his pride due to the recognition, which he says is well deserved and shows "the effort of the Municipality, entities with responsibility in the coastline and businessmen of the area in maintaining and improving the conditions of accessibility, cleanliness of the sand, environmental quality of the coastal area, safety on the beach and superior level of hotel units, restaurants and water sports available to tourists", he said.

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Although he is very pleased with this award, the Mayor of Albufeira added that it brings even more responsibility to the city, in order to continue improving the quality already offered to those who choose Albufeira as a tourist destination for their beach holidays. Furthermore, it encourages everyone to continue to preserve this Algarve beach.

How do TripAdvisor rank the beaches?

TripAdvisor selects these destinations through the reviews of its users. This means that it is the tourists themselves, with their comments, who choose the beaches that will join the list of the best beaches in the world, which is on TripAdvisor's "Travelers Choice 2023". For the ratings, the platform analyses the reviews of millions of users over the last twelve months.

Known for its scenic beauty, incredible cliffs, white sand and clean water, as well as its native vegetation, Praia da Falésia deserves to be among the best beaches in the world. With a calm sea and a sandy beach as far as the eye can see, the beach is perfect for walking, relaxing or taking a dip in the sea.

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Tourist Reviews

Some of the reviews that can be seen online describe Praia da Falésia as: “Gorgeous red sand cliffs lead to the green-blue ocean and a white sand beach that seemingly stretches forever.”

Others say it is “a very beautiful beach, with panoramic views of the Ocean and very clean. The beach stretches for miles in both directions and is a beautiful walk”, it can be read at TripAdvisor.

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Having lunch on the beach

In fact, Praia da Falésia is an incredible beach with white sands and gentle waves that invite the whole family, including the little ones. There are a few restaurants on the beach, so there is no need to climb the stairs, but you can also bring your own snacks to the beach and enjoy a day full of joy and peace with your own picnic. However, don't forget to clean up before you leave in order to maintain the cleanliness label that this beach already has.

Walking by the sea

If you like a good walk, this beach will also please you. Thanks to its fantastic location and a sandy area of about six kilometres, it is possible to walk from west to east and visit the following beaches: Praia Falésia - Açoteias, Praia da Falésia - Alfamar, Praia do Barranco das Belharucas, Praia da Baixinha-Poente, Praia da Rocha Baixinha and Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente.

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The name of this beach is not a coincidence, Praia da Falésia means Cliff Beach in English and this beach is known for its large cliffs that are really wonderful to enjoy, especially at the end of the day.

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The fantastic sunset that you can watch from top of the cliffs becomes wonderful – reminiscent of a painting. It is a great idea for those looking to finish a long walk or simply breathe some fresh air while watching the splendour of the ocean.

Just don’t forget your phone or camera to capture this true beauty of the Algarve forever!

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