Portugal home to two of Europe's top hidden gems

by Central Magazine

The listing, which aims to compile hidden treasures away from the crowds of major destinations, has listed two Portuguese places to discover. Find them before they become a trend!

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One of them is Ilha do Farol, which was ranked 19th of the best hidden gems by European Best Destinations. This is a beautiful place, little explored by man and amazing from a beach point of view. It looks like a big piece of sand lost in paradise. Something you won't want to miss.

Accessible by boat, this little-known island is easy to cross several times a day at an affordable price from Olhão. It is a great place to spend a week and recharge your batteries.

However, this is not the only stunning island you will find near Ria Formosa, Ilha da Armona and Culatra should also be on your radar.

"Some of you will favour Ilha da Armona which has a rustic campsite for simple, natural holidays on a car-free island. Would you like to meet the locals? We suggest Culatra Island with its small fishing community”, they said.

Regarding “restaurants and shops, there are more on Farol Island and you will be surprised by the magnificent tiny holiday homes built on this island and the relaxing, lazy atmosphere. The sunsets are sublime and a change of scenery is guaranteed," said European Best Destinations.

Two places below, in 21st place, is Sesimbra. Sesimbra, which is a village near Setúbal, has a beach that brings something even more special, as it has already been awarded as the most inclusive beach in Portugal - where everyone has a space. As such, people with young children in strollers and people with reduced mobility are very welcome at Ouro Beach.

In fact, "Sesimbra offers unique experiences to live, artistic and culinary encounters, sporting challenges and reconnections with nature", reads the report.  Whether for a new experience or a holiday, "leave your swimsuit at home and try Sesimbra's nudist beach, Praia de Meco, one of the main nudist beaches in Portugal (and one of the best places to watch the sunset)," they conclude.

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